Proposed future land development project in Oakland benefiting the University of Pittsburgh, CMU and the Oakland community

A New Home for Frick Fine Arts!
Light Rail in Panther Hollow!
On-Campus Stadium with Cathedral Line-Of-Sight!
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Why Oakland and the City will benefit.

Frick Fine Arts can BECOME a gem of the Oakland Landscape.

Improved Transit & Parking

Dorms & Business

On-Campus Stadium!

Frick is Unappreciated!
The commute is terrible!
Heinz Field is sterile, unattractive, corporate, and not conducive to COLLEGE football.

It may take 15 years, but Pitt needs to consider HOW and WHERE to build a Football Stadium in Oakland.

The concept

A Stadium, Transportation, Parking, Dormitory and Business Concept for the Oakland Community and Universities

It is important to understand that this is a Concept. It is a presentation of ideas for land use for a limited tract of land, contruction and infrastructure which would not only benefit the University of Pittsburgh, but also benefit the Oakland business community and its residents plus increase the tax base for the City, County and State. Although this Concept is a 10-15 year plan, there are parts of it that should be implemented in the next year or two.


The Plan

Our Vision for Upper Panther Hollow

  • the site

    The Concept area in Panther Hollow has no open creek bed/drainage and all water is already routed through the area by culvert and pipe. It really isn't beautiful usuable green space.

  • what's the current plan?

    What is the plan in 15 years when Heinz has outlived its structural life. Here is our plan and our plan serves more than just the football team. Its fine that Pitt partners with the Steelers but will they be our partner in 15 years. Will the Steeler ownership decide to relocate to the burbs instead of undergoing a massive renovation of the existing facility to accommodate the new viewing experience and high tech necessities built on comfort and instant game time information from multiple sources.

  • Opportunities

    Opportunity for Improved Campus Experience and Student Quality of Life, Revitalize and Reinvent the North End of Panther Hollow, Showcase and Reintroduce Frick Fine Arts. Opportunity for the Oakland Neighborhood!